Passion, discipline and professionalism are our motives to provide the right collaboration that can satisfy your needs!

Located in Rakovski-Bulgaria, Legia is today a leading producer of all types of garments. With our 350 professionals, we work for several fashion brands ranging from fine boutique labels to the high-end designer labels.

What we do

We help your design team in realising your new collections. We can make your first patterns, the prototypes, we attend fitting sessions and make your final collection samples. During this process we help you to meet your target prices and your deadlines. Our experienced modelists have an excellent know-how in body-measurements and shapes which will help you for the ideal fitting of the garments. One of our coördinators guarantees a fluent communication between both teams.
Pattern Making
To give a life of a garment starting from a sketch, that is Magic. Pattern making is the beginning of the garment development process. We have 12 profesional patternmakers working with CAD/CAM system which develop the pattern from a sketch or garment sample. We also have possibility to do digitalization of patterns provided by the client. Once the pattern is made it goes to our sampling room where we stitch a proto sample. The latter is checked by the client for fit and design. We also provide whole range of pattern-related services: pattern making, digitizing and grading, marker making etc.
In house fabric tests
We can do up to 22 tests to avoid quality issues.
We have 2 modern cutting rooms equipped with 8 cutting tables, automatic cutter machine and thermofusing machine, resulting in faster production with less cutting defects. Next to that, there are 160 profesional sewing operators working in 4 production halls, filled with natural light and spacious working surfaces.
Quality and attention to details is our competitive edge. Thorough high level quality control checks for all kinds of defects during production process to ensure that each garment will be delivered according to the client expectations.
Packing & Order picking
We pack the garments according to client’s request, like type of bags, tags, hang-tags, hangers, boxes, etc...We also provide order-picking service per customer that allows immediate distribution from client’s warehouse.
Logistics & Transport
We ship products directly to client’s warehouse or customers, using our own weekly transport
Belgium - Bulgaria - Belgium.
We also pack and deliver to every single client in the world through multiple couriers and carriers.

About Us

The history of Legia begins back in the 1975 when the company has been born as one of the main facilities in the Rakovski region. Since year 2000 Legia is an apparel manufacturer that is a part of the Belgian Caroline Biss group. Nineteen years we produce garments for several Belgian boutiques and Designer brands and most of them are members of the “Antwerp Six”.

We rely on 330 people, skilled staff that is constantly educated and trained to develop, produce and deliver high quality products.

Starting from Development till shipment of the product, we cover whole range of garments – ladies’, children’s and men’s. We are organized to produce not only big quantity orders but small design series also.

Having a large number of sewing machines, we provide wide range of solutions to each client needs. Trendy stitching as “AMF” stitch, “blanket” stitch, “ajour” stitch, “smock” stitches, quilted stitching, everything is possible; even Plisse “soleil”. We have our own oven to do plisse “soleil” – one of the two existing ovens in Bulgaria! Working closely with network of reliable partners, we offer a parallel plisse, embroidery, prints, laser cut, washing and dyeing.

In our company we host a knitwear producer, Livian BG. That gives opportunities to our clients to optimize their product –knitwear and woven garments produced in one and the same place.

Thanks to our highly professional personnel we efficiently communicate with our clients throughout the process, resulting in optimal manufacturing solutions for their products and ultimately saving them time and money.


47 G.S.Rakovski blvd.
4150, Rakovski, Bulgaria
+359 3151 2147
+359 3151 2470

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